piper hurricane

SHERWOOD - In light of Hurricane Sally, students at Oakbrooke Elementary recently researched hurricanes. Mrs. Middaugh’s digital Alpha class studied the natural disasters and how they affect the coast and beyond.

After studying the engineering design process, students created prototypes that could help before, during, and after a hurricane.

Piper made The Room Brightener - "It helps people see what's in the room if the power goes out."

Katelynn invented The Pet Detector - "It helps you find your pet if it runs away in the storm."

Brailen designed a Helper Bot - "The Helper Bot picks up debris after a hurricane to help people. It is 4 times stronger than a human and it's also taller."

Leighsa invented a Pet Boat - "It helps you if you have to evacuate, and you can't bring your pet. It can float and it has holes so they can breathe. I tested it out and it works and floats, because there are pool noodles on the bottom. There also is a blanket in it so the pet can calm down because cats get wild and crazy when the weather changes."

Cooper built a Scooper Picker - "It helps people that want to pick up debris in the water, so they don't have to touch dangerous things."

Jayda made the Hammy Traveler - "It helps you to carry your small pets during a storm. This also can help in daily life."